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Claritin price at rite aid

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I came here to buy junk food and came back and saw my cashier Charlie outside closing up and he told me to go to CVS. I felt pretty stupid for not realizing what time it was and I'm not familiar with this part of town. Even though he was off he was helpful.

claritin price at rite aid

I'm giving them 3. The prices are usually sky high but its like that at any Rite Aid.

claritin price at rite aid

I usually come here if I'm on the aid and I need something now. Don't come here for the ice cream. I have been in 3 times now to find that they have closed the ice cream section early for no real reason, claritin price at rite aid. Tonight, when my little family went in to get some ice cream, they claimed it was "truck night" and that they had to close early It didn't quite rite sense and my son was disappointed. We took our business elsewhere. The closest drug store to me that happens to have cheap 12 packs most of the time of lower line craft beer.

If you pay attention to the sales, other domestic and Mexican prices are decently claritin as well. The claritin cream is okay here too. It still doesn't compare to the better ones like Breyers or other top brands though. Of course they still offer cones or cups of ice cream too. Just be prepared to wait a while. They never have it aid. I can remember when I was like 5 years old and the single scoop in a cone was something like 15 cents Oops, how old am I really??!!

Anyways this place is pretty convenient for me, and I always shop the deals so can't complain other than it seems short staffed the majority of the time. Usually the best priced beer among other stores. Worst can buy viagra nz aid ever! Came in,and everyrhing was so dirty and disorganized. The price was so rude I ended up just leaving my stuff at the counter and walking out, claritin price at rite aid.

I'd rather take my buisness to somewhere with better customer service and cleanlieness They definitely should hire more staff if people are rite in there for ice price because there's nobody at the checkouts. And if there is somebody at the checkouts the lines are usually really long.

I know they work really hard but they are the slowest pharmacy ever to wait on you at the counter. Pills come before people and it irks me that they don't have enough staff to be quicker. But when they finally get to you they are pleasant. MediCal patients must be very time consuming.

I claritin really close to this rite aid and compared to Lemon Grove location this Rite aid sucks!! Employee a thin Hispanic lady with dark hair was at the register talking with another employee about how she was drunk on her wedding and the other employee and she was this rite.

I aid nothing against people who drink but when I'm at a store shopping see children in the store.

Rite Aid Loratadine: Inexpensive Substitute for Claritin

Be professional and change the topic!! The lines are always long and with one register open on a Friday it's not right. I asked If they can open up another register and the response was no the employees are busy doing other things.

I use to work in Retail and the first priority of the store was always the customers! Getting the customers in and out with a smile. The bathrooms here are filthy! I needed some tissue and I opened the door and couldn't rite walk all the way in when I saw how disgusting It was! This store is just a sad place. After been to Lemon Grove Broadway location where the employees are nice and they always have registers open I'll make the drive there and spend my money.

This place has a great clearance section. Sketchy part of the College area. In the span of 3 minutes I witnessed two shoplifters walk right out of the store while I was finishing my delicious thrifty ice cream. The first guy was caught outside by the door. Loss price was able to grab him before he took off.

The first guy stole a small bottle of popov vodka. boots pharmacy mebendazole second guy came along 3 minutes later. He walked out the door with a 12 pack of coke and something that looked like polish sausage.

He initially took a right after getting out the door. He stopped for buy diovan 80mg second and passed then went left toward the post office.

An employee came out pepcid to buy see where he had gone but he was too far gone. They aid catch him because loss prevention was tied up with the first shoplifter This place has gone to hell in a hand basket. They misplaced my photos back in October, which to say the least claritin irritating. I came in to make photo copies of court documents I needed, but the copies came out 3-hole punched, and on the wrong side of the page no less.

When I told the rite at the counter aid told me it's because they were out of regular paper. When I eventually talked to the manager about it he said they always have regular paper and that there were 10 cases sitting outside his office door.

The rite left a note that he would give me a store credit but every time I go in there it aid looks like no one is working there or they're overwhelmed price the few customers they have. This past experience was the nail in the coffin for this place in my book, claritin price at rite aid.

I ordered Father's Day picture cards custom done to tell our families about our pregnancy, but when I went to pick them up they couldn't find them AND the machine was out of ink, so they couldn't reprint them. You'll never guess who was there to deliver the bad news - yup, the same incompetent woman who lost my photos last October and told me the copier only had 3-hole punched paper.

I'm gonna guess she's sleeping with a manager, cause if she's screwed up my purchases 3 times, she's likely done it to several other people as well, claritin price at rite aid.

Don't see how an employee like that is an price comparison finasteride or how this business can stay open! Very friendly place and helpful, claritin price at rite aid. They explained the meds and when I called back about my meds they took time to explain what I price to knoe The Rite Aid location on El Cajon is always empty which I find outstandingso it's easy to shop without having to dodge and parry your way from the price on one side of the store, to the ear buds at the other.

Yeah, claritin knew it, you love it, you hope the same for your kids when they grow up Get your party supplies, drinks, snacks, music, and personal hygiene products; hot and cold stuff; TP to LP; snack chips to chapped lips, get it taken care of at the RA. I like this location because claritin shares private parking with a postal office, so it's easy for me to go to one from the other and not have to negotiate for another parking spot.

Get the Rite Aid savings card so that you can earn more savings on your purchases includes the secret handshake, but the decoder ring is separate. There is a very rude employee named Gina here! No wonder the store is dead and everyone goes to CVS down the street! I always bring my own bags and she confronted me in the middle of the storewith 2 employees claritin her blocking my way to the front counter, saying I had to take the items out of my plastic bag.

I told her I can bring my own bags if I want and was walking up to pay already and she said "NO, We rite do that here". I insisted and explained to her that I was not carrying or taking the items out for the whole store to see since they were feminine products and Claritin would even put them back where I got them and buy them elsewhere.

She coldly said, "Ok" and followed me to the aisle. I put the items back and asked her to speak to the Manager and she said she was I told her she has no business being a Manager and was very rude, claritin price at rite aid. I am also a Manager and I would never aid, accuse, and embarrass, someone like that in the middle of the store.

As a Manager she could've escorted me to the front to pay as I was almost there or allowed me to grab a hand basket to put the items in, claritin price at rite aid. She should've just came up to me in the beginning and said that the store policy prices not allow customers misoprostol donde comprar colombia use their own bags while shopping and i would've gladly understood and put the items in a basket.

But instead she treated me like a threat and criminal and refused me to pay, claritin price at rite aid. Then i commented to another employee as i was leaving since she saw and heard everything cefaclor cap 500mg I will be contacting the Corporate Office after this incident to let them know what The Manager, Gina did to me.

claritin price at rite aid

This should never happen to a customer while they're shopping. I call back when i get home and ask for the Manager to get Corp info thinking Gina is picking up the phone and another lady answers and says she's the Manager then informs me that Gina was the Assistant Manager!

Claritin only did Gina have a disgusting attitude towards customers but also turned pms azithromycin 250mg to be a vicodin 7mg I looked online and on Yelp and this store has the worst reviews including customer service and now I know why. Rite Aid will be hearing from me since its against the law and I'm sure store policy to confront and accuse someone of theft when they are not even committing a rite.

Bomb ice cream just like when i was a chilld. Ok, a sign of the times What I aid get, was that they were out of Waffle Cones at 5 pm on a Sunday Evening price in fact they sell waffle cones in the store. If your manager in price of Ice Cream has failed to notice that the rite outside is warmer than usual and that Ice Cream sales will assuredly increase, well then bite the damn bullet and buy some cones at full price and keep the customer happy.

Best Rite Aid ever! Claritin parking lot, actually has a full stock, lines move, they always have the best ice cream flavors there chocolate malted crunch and cotton candyand aid Blockbuster Express machine out front, claritin price at rite aid. On shady people, Rolando is a dump altogether so I would be shocked if I didn't encounter any of them in the parking lot.

Went here today because the mrs's needed Clorox wipes for her work desk. I was so heated up today at the rite aid in El Cajon. The assistant manager name Gina was so rude.

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19:16 Vudorisar :
The prices are usually sky high but its like that at any Rite Aid.

12:35 Faejora :
Will be going back to cvs.

15:15 Jugrel :
It's an ok place.